Hi, I'm Abhishek Jakhar

I am a Front-End developer that focuses on front end framework such as React and Next. I have a passion for CSS, User Experience and Testing. To grow my skills I do open source, read and write blogs and watch lectures from frontend masters & treehouse.



  • Coinbase Chat 💼

    Built CB Chat in React Native with team which went live smoothly.

  • IDV as 2FA 💼

    Built IdCapture package using React and TypeScript from scratch which went live.

  • GYM 💪

    I gained lot of lean muscles and hit 70KG body weight.

  • CSS 🖥

    I completed CSS for JavaScript developers course by Josh W Comeau

  • Interview 🖥

    I introduced new react interview question for Coinbase which got lot of appreciation and is being actively asked from candidates.

  • Bootcamp 💼

    I conducted my first bootcamp session on JavaScript at Coinbase and Internationalization at Coinbase for new joiners.


  • Interview 🖥

    I started taking interviews at office.

  • Typescript 🖥

    I learned Typescript.

  • Gaming PC 🎮

    I built my Gaming PC. Played BF2042, Warzone, Valorant and Splitgate.

  • GYM 💪

    I joined gym once again at 59KG body weight.

  • Bangalore 🌏

    I travelled to Bangalore for first Coinbase India offsite.

  • Joined Coinbase 💼

    I took my first remote job at Coinbase as Software Engineer.

  • Portfolio 🔥

    I made my new portfolio using Next, MDXRemote & Styled Components, where I decided to add my Blogs and Snippets.

  • Test Driven Development 🎙

    I gave tech talk on TDD using React Testing Library, where we did live coding and made a form in React using TDD.

  • Error Boundary Blog 📃

    I wrote a blog for Expedia telling how Error Boundaries have improved customer experience for our project.

  • GYM 💪

    I joined gym again.

  • Warzone & FIFA 🎮

    I played lot of Warzone and FIFA in lockdown, I became very good at Warzone and reached divison one on FIFA.


  • React Testing Library 🎙

    I took initiative of introducting React Testing Library in our office codebase and we migrated lots of components from Enzyme to RTL.

  • OS: Backstage 🖥

    I started doing open source for spotify/backstage where I fixed bugs, improved codebase and wrote lots of test cases using RTL.

  • OS: Gatsby 🖥

    I started doing open source and made my first contribution to Gatsby, I immproved lot of things related to UI and migrated lots of components to hooks and function components.

  • Testing JavaScript 🏆

    I realised how much important is testing, I purchased Testing JavaScript course by Kent C Dodds and completed it.

  • Tech Talk 🎙

    I gave my first tech talk on React hooks, where I explained how hooks solve a wide variety of problems. Also, I gave a glimpse about all the available hooks.


  • Joined Expedia 💼

    I started working as UI Developer for VRBO, Expedia.

  • Hiking ⛰

    I went to Triund trek with my college friends, this was first time I went on a hike, I was very tired but I enjoyed a lot.

  • Ladoo 🐕

    We adopted Ladoo when he was 1 month old, he is a street dog but now he lives with us.


  • Graduation 🎓

    I graduated from ITM University.

  • Joined Yatra 💼

    I got PPO from Yatra while doing Internship and I continued working on my internship project as a full time employee.

  • React

    I started learning React this year, it was best decision of my life.

  • Third Internship 💻

    I got my final semester internship at Yatra, where I learned a lot about UI/UX design and Frontend development.


  • Road Trip 🚘

    I went on my first road trip to Jodhpur, Mount Abu & Jaisalmer with my school friends, we traveled 2200 KM in fours days.

  • Second Internship 💻

    I started doing another internship with Muses alongside my college, in the day I used to attend college and after college I used to work for Muses. I learned more Frontend development here.

  • First Internship 💻

    I managed to get my first internship at Edustoke. I spent my college summer break here. I got my first salary. I learned lot of Frontend development here.

  • Dubai 🌍

    I travelled first time out of my country, I travelled Dubai to meet my father.


  • Treehouse

    My cousing gave me subscription of team treehouse, I started learning HTML, CSS & JavaSript from there and I got very passionate about frontend development.


  • Started my college at ITM Gurgaon 🎒

    I decided to pursue Bachelor of Computer Science, because I had lot of interest in computers through gaming.

  • Graduated from High School

    I never changed my school and city, I took admission at Blue Bells in 1999 and graduated from here.


  • Born 👶